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Monday, July 21, 2014

Symptoms of suffering a personal loss

·        WOW did this hit home.   In some way it validates that maybe I am not as crazy as I thought.
I came across this list of symptoms many people share after suffering personal loss:

·         Feels physically drained - Yes
·         Can't sleep at night - Yes
·         Forgetful and unable to think clearly -Yes
·         Noticeable change in appetite -Yes
·         Physical distress such as chest pains, headaches or nausea – not for me
·         Stays extremely busy to avoid thinking about his or her grief – OH Yes!
·         Eats, drinks watches television, etc. excessively – OH Yes!
·         Participates in harmful activities – not for me
·         Senses or dreams about the deceased -  Yes
·         Becomes withdrawn, lonely and apathetic - Yes
·         Frequent sighing and crying – Yes

There have been so many  ups and downs!!!!