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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moving forward? Moving In..

The moving "adventure" is coming to a close.   The home I “left” is where we shared family gatherings, birthdays, cooked meals, watched football games, helped the boy’s with homework and shared special loving moments.  It was not merely a house; it was a place bulging with memories.   I was ready to leave BUT it was VERY TOUGH to walk away.
There was a part of me that felt as though I was leaving a part of my heart behind.  I have quickly come to realize that I never left the past life behind.  I have brought my past life, the wonderful memories and those legacies of love with me.   Even with those memories, there is the reality that his presence is MIA.
So I have officially moved into a new house in a new state with “some” new things and I cried?   Still happy for the move but very sad to be doing this without Tim.   This journey was meant for the two of us and now it is just me.   Down to just me....   WOW…   HUGE reality check.  I have found that this period in time has been incredibly difficult because let's face it -- I have been forced out of a life that that I never asked to leave.