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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I saw this today and felt it very relevant for me.    I am sure MANY can relate!!   
"She’s strong, because she handled the biggest loss imaginable. She knows what unstoppable pain feels like — what it feels like to miss someone that she can’t reach out to. Someone that she can yell and scream to, but will never get a concrete answer from.
She’s strong, because she hasn’t let death turn her into a cynic. She still has a huge heart. She still has a lot of love to give.
She’s strong, because she’s there for her friends whenever they suffer a similar loss. Because she’s someone that other people can lean on. Because she doesn’t let the horrors of her past haunt her.
She’s strong, because if she could get through the death of someone she loved more than words can ever express, then she can get through anything."