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Friday, September 19, 2014

In Time

I watched a movie that highlighted the power of love and an underlying message to simply live each day as if it were your last.    I found myself understanding that it is the power of love that makes this journey feel so impossible.   If I had not loved and been loved so deeply I would not miss it so much.   I kept thinking, if I could go back in time, I would have a conversations with him and tape it so that I replay it in times when I have doubt.   I would take in and appreciate every little small moment not just the big ones.   In my personal, intimate world,  I would engrave every touch, smell, word and noise in my memory so that I never forget.   I still wear my ring, have pictures everywhere, spray his cologne and wear his clothing so that I don’t forget.    Normal?   Not sure.   Even if someone were to say it wasn’t, it would make no difference to me.  

I find myself wondering that if in time I am able to embrace my future does that mean saying goodbye?   I have not and I am not willing to do that.   So now what? 

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seeking Success

Before this life altering event happened to me,  I had no idea losing a husband caused such devastating despair. I always admired the courage of those who had lost a loved one and how they were able to cope.   I was convinced I would have had an emotional breakdown apart from God's sustaining presence.   I have tried lately to make some goals for myself   This has been a painful process, as it focuses me on the future which still seems full of questions and insecurities.

For me, I have tried to stay short-term.  I need to keep them attainable and I need to be careful not to expect too much of myself.   I understand now how easy it is to send myself down a road that does not lead away from depression that awaits me.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Perception Changes in Grief

an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought

Since Tim’s accident, my vision on life is much different.  A bird singing, the sun rising, the stars shining all are observed through new eyes.  I know my ebbs and flows and it often feels like the ocean.   Rough and turbulent one day and more calm the next.  I may look down and see clearly to the sand and return to cloudy waters.  It is my perception, the depth and clarity of my vision, that makes it appear so.  Others will look from the outside and may assume or perceive something different.

If I have a smile on my face does that mean I am happy?
If I am laughing does that mean I am okay?
If I am out having a drink with fiends does this mean I am moving forward?
If I am still wearing my wedding band does this mean I am in denial?
If I don’t go out does this mean I am depressed?
If I still have clothes of my loved one hanging in the closet does this mean I can’t let go?
If I don’t talk about my loved one does this mean I do not miss him?

It is all perception and if you want to know the reality, just ask. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

I wish you peace....

After experiencing my own grief I have become extra sensitive to others that experience their own personal loss.    I find that we often get confused about what to say and what not to say.    A sudden death is a shock to the system.   It’s the suddenness of it that’s just overwhelming. Hearing things such as “he is in a better place”, “it is God’s plan” and “Time will heal” was NOT helpful and frankly made me a bit angry.   Although the words spoken are all well intended, during this time you have so many different emotions and all you want is your loved one with you.  I found that the most helpful was expressing a simple sympathy and just being there.  Finding peace/comfort was and still has been the most difficult thing to come by so I now offer others the wish of peace during the most difficult time in their lives.  I have had several people in my circle that have experienced loss recently and while I could NEVER understand their loss I certainly can understand the heartache.  

I wish you peace!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Signs from God

After vacationing this past holiday weekend, it occurred to me that maybe coincidences are God's way of being anonymous. I do believe that if we are receptive to them, God gives us little signs of encouragement, comfort and consolation in our everyday lives, signs that He is with us.  Sometimes I am not sure if there is a sign being given or if it is just my desperate attempt to find hope.  I suppose either way it is good, right?  I was blessed to experience these "signs" while in a beautiful place with beautiful friends and came back with a bit more hope.