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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Perception Changes in Grief

an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought

Since Tim’s accident, my vision on life is much different.  A bird singing, the sun rising, the stars shining all are observed through new eyes.  I know my ebbs and flows and it often feels like the ocean.   Rough and turbulent one day and more calm the next.  I may look down and see clearly to the sand and return to cloudy waters.  It is my perception, the depth and clarity of my vision, that makes it appear so.  Others will look from the outside and may assume or perceive something different.

If I have a smile on my face does that mean I am happy?
If I am laughing does that mean I am okay?
If I am out having a drink with fiends does this mean I am moving forward?
If I am still wearing my wedding band does this mean I am in denial?
If I don’t go out does this mean I am depressed?
If I still have clothes of my loved one hanging in the closet does this mean I can’t let go?
If I don’t talk about my loved one does this mean I do not miss him?

It is all perception and if you want to know the reality, just ask.