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Monday, August 25, 2014


There are so many types of loss…  Death may claim a loved one. A marriage or friendship ends. Health fails. A pet dies. A job is lost.. By my own experience and those around me,  I feel the most painful losses we will ever experience are the deaths of a mate, child, parent, or sibling, or a loss under traumatic circumstances.

The death of your mate means the loss of daily companionship. The loneliness is hardest to bear in the evening and on weekends.  The absence is SO obvious that it is hard to ignore.  (Trust me, I have tried)  As painful as the death of a spouse or partner is, some people who have gone through this process find strength and resilience they didn’t realize they had.  Many have found new causes / charities , etc to get involved in that bring meaning.   Time, in my case has not been my friend but I do feel It is possible to cherish your loved one and memories and also find strength and hope in a new phase of your life.   For me, I am still not sure what this “new” phase is.