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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Never Prepared

The local news, the national news and the world news.   You can watch 24 hours a day.   One heartbreaking story and after another.  We hear it so often that we don’t even blink.   It is not real in our minds. We are removed because the story is not ours. When death is so removed from us, we become disassociated from it. Yet, when the moment finally comes that a loved one is taken, we are never prepared.  When it happens you are thrown into this emotional life we've never lived before.  It can be transformational.  It in many ways reminds me of being in a washing machine. We don’t always get to choose what happens to us or the people we love. Those circumstances that present adversity, like losing a loved one, will alter our own path.  These things happen, and we want to find our way to move forward with courage and grace.   This is always easier spoken of and much more difficult to put action to. 

NOTE FOR ALL:    Conversation is so important, and we have to remind ourselves and teach our children that living life means approaching each day as if it were your last.