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Friday, March 13, 2015

Keeping it positive!

 Anniversaries of loss can feel like a train approaching .  Instead of getting hit I am going to attempt to ride it and make something positive out of it!   I am aiming to find ways to honor Tim and instead of mourn him.  

Tim's Birthday is March 15th and I want to have as many friends & family as possible to do one random act of kindness in SUPERMAN'S honor on his birthday weekend. Last year went so well and to know that Tim Lea was remembered and honored by these acts of kindness was VERY touching! So if you are game we are going for round 2!  For example.... Place money in an expiring parking meter, let someone in traffic, donate toys to a children's charity, donate to a homeless shelter, a school or an animal shelter. Please be creative and use your own "super powers" to make our communities a more kind place!

Please participate and have fun!!!